Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movin' On Up

True friends are the kind that help you move! Jeremy and I went to the Big D to help Amy and Rocky move into their new house. I know they would do exactly the same things for us if we were moving and needed their help!

We came in on Friday night and just took a little tour of their new house. We didn’t start the heavy lifting until Saturday morning. I should really say Rocky and Jeremy didn’t start the heavy lifting- Amy and I didn’t lift too much. Just the occasional couch cushion. Am and I even managed to work in a little shopping to Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie.

It went surprisingly fast and the truck was unloaded at their new place by 4:30. Amy and I worked on unloading all of her kitchen boxes and getting that space organized. Jeremy and I planned to come back Saturday afternoon, but after an exhausting day of moving- we stayed the night at their new place.

They have a beautiful new home and I think they’re really going to love it when Miss Brinley comes along.

You can read more on Am’s blog.

Even though Am and Rocky are not huge dog people, they let Ivy and Winnie come along. I think that might mostly be because they were replacing the carpet with hardwood floors, so it didn't matter if Winnie had a few accidents.

Happy New Home, Amy and Rocky!

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Amy Mc said...

Erin and Jeremy are the bestest friends ever!!!!