Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho . . .

It's off to work I go! That's right, I'm headed back to work.

I definitely have mixed feelings about returning to work and leaving EC, but it seems that working is what is best for my family right now.  We are in the process of weighing our childcare options and figuring out how this can all work. 

I'm very excited about the new position!  I'll be doing compliance work for a company that is very close to our house- about 10 miles away.  It's going to be very new for me and definitely challenging, but I'm really excited about it.

I have no doubts that this job was completely God's timing for our family.  Family friends forwarded my resume to the CEO in January- before we even moved here.  For whatever reason, my resume got lost on his desk and he just stumbled across it a week ago and wanted to see if I was still interested.  What great timing!  I would not have been ready for this a month ago.

No doubt, it will be very hard to leave this cutie pie, but just like God can provide this wonderful opportunity, I know He can provide a childcare option that will work for us.

 I'm so thankful that I've had these 4 months at home with her.  It's gone by so fast, but I've loved it!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Self

When I was in high school and then again, just out of college, I was a waitress for a little bit.  Let me just say- that wasn't my calling in life.  A restaurant term frequently used by servers was being in the weeds.  That meant that maybe a server had several big tables, everyone was seated at the same time, the kitchen was backed up, we were out of the special, the bar tender was slow, etc.  Basically, you just can't catch a break.

I think those early days when we brought Emme home was like being in the weeds.  At times, it felt like this never ending sleepless haze where things kept seeming to go a little bit wrong (no sleep, jaundice, nursing issues, mastitis, a/c broken, plumbing issues, no sleep, bacterial infection, the Ivy situation, etc).  Right now (I know this could change at any moment), I feel like I'm out of the weeds.  Things are the definitely not perfect, but they are much better!

I thought I would write a little note to myself, just in case I'm ever in the weeds again.  If you're a new mom, you might enjoy my "fresh out of the weeds" perspective.

Dear Self:

It's going to be okay.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Even though it seems like a big deal right now, next week you are barely going remember this incident.  It's tough when you don't get much sleep.  Take a nap EVERY chance you get . . . like when your baby is sleeping.  I know everyone keeps saying that and you can't seem to stop doing laundry every chance you get, but really- it can wait.  You need sleep.    

Ask for help.  People want to help you, so let them.  And remember, it's going to get better.  It really is.  I know that right now, you can't imagine it getting better, but it will.  Your baby will stop crying, you'll get more sleep and this crisis will be resolved.  

Most importantly, fight like crazy.  Fight like crazy to be in the moment and hang on to each of these days.  It's so easy to muddle through and look forward to that next phase, but don't miss this one.  It goes really fast and you don't want to miss one second.  They are little for such a short time and you won't get these moments back.  Hold her a little bit tighter and tell her one more time that she's the love of your life and your precious gift from God.  You can't say it enough!

It really is going to be okay.  You have a Heavenly Father that's looking out for you and He's not going to give you more than you can handle.  Some days it might seem like, He forgot what you're capable of handling, but He didn't!  

This isn't a competition to see who is the best mom, so stop comparing yourself to other blogging moms.  Focus on you and your baby!  Those blogs are tricky and might not be telling the whole truth!  You're doing the best you can.  And your little is one lucky baby to have you as a mom.

One day, you're going to look back on these days with fondness. 



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Half Marathon

I’m a little nervous to even type this out in bold black type . . .

I am registered for a half marathon.

The email confirmation hit my inbox and I immediately felt complete and utter FEAR. What was I thinking?!?! I just had a baby! A half marathon?!?! I’m not a “runner.” I have lost my mind!

It’s definitely pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone. And just as much as I’m scared, I’m so excited! The best part . . . it’s at Disney World!!!! It’s the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in February 2012.

The good news- I have some time to prepare and I have a lot of people encouraging me. I’m still scared, but I know it’s going to be one crazy fun adventure . . . and a little bit magical!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love schedules! I thrive on routine! I enjoy planning!

Since coming home from the hospital, EC has been on a schedule. Mostly due to the fact that she was born early and had jaundice. The pediatrician recommended waking her up every 3 hours (at least) for feedings. In those early days, I literally woke her up for almost every feeding. She was sooo sleepy! But needed to eat!

Over time, we slowly cut out the middle of the night feedings and she slept later and later.

For quite some time now, EC has been on a pretty consistent 3 hour schedule, starting around 7:30am with her last feeding at 10:30pm. I feed her every 3 hours for the most part with a total of 6 feedings a day. She’s definitely gone close to 4 hours between feedings, but it’s worked out great. Very dependable day. I can plan errands around this schedule and I generally know when will be a good nap versus a bad nap.

As of late, it seems that more and more, I’m having to wake her up from naps for feedings and for the past few days, she’s not taken a full feeding or simply refused to nurse at one of the later feedings. This all points to a schedule change!!!!! Yikes!

I really struggle with these changes! The old scheduled is so familiar and worked so well. But we are giving the 3.5- 4 hour schedule a try, which will mean 5 feedings a day.

Change is hard, but I’m pretty sure that’s being a parent. Some type of change is always taking place. And really, a 4 hour schedule can mean a little more freedom for me!

UPDATE (7/27/2011):
The schedule change is a no go.  The first night, she woke up at 3:00am- she almost never does that!  We went in her room and patted her belly or gave her the pacifier about 5 times.  I finally fed her at 7:00am. 

The next day she woke up at 4:00am and I fed her at 6:30 and she pretty much ate every 3 hours the rest of the day, maybe 3.5 hours a few times.  Overall, it looks like she just wasn't ready to cut back a feeding.  We can try again in a week or so.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Girls Lunch

EC and I met up with Lisa, Deborah, Delancy and Cynthia for a girls’ lunch! We enjoyed the fine dining of Pluckers and they got in lots of cuddle time with Emme!

EC is one lucky girl to be surrounded by such a loving family!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrating Gram's Birthday

Gram celebrated her birthday and EC insisted on being part of the celebration.  Gram, Pop Pop, and Aunt Ali came for a weekend visit!

We made Gram a cake and had such a great family weekend.

Emme was fascinated by Aunt Ali's shirt!  She could not get enough of the bright colors!

She loves spending time with her Pop Pop.  He always gets the biggest smiles out of her.

We took a trip to the Apple store, so Gram could get a cover for her NEW iPhone.  And I needed to get my iPhone camera fixed.  I see lots of facetime in our near future!

On Friday night, we went to a local Fort Worth rodeo. It was a first for Emme Clare!  We also tried out the Baby Bjorn.

It only lasted for a little bit and EC was with Gram- one of her favorite spots!

I'm not sure how much of the rodeo EC actually experienced.  She spent lots of time sleeping on Gram!

On Saturday, we had a lazy day at home, enjoying EC. Emme is smiling more and more all the time! 
She LOVES her Aunt!

Winnie had a great weekend, too!  She has the best time playing with Maddie!  They were both worn out at the end of the weekend!

Thanks for coming Gram, Pop Pop and Aunt Ali.  We had such a good time.  Happy Birthday, Gram!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Weekend in Abilene

We loaded up our car once again and headed to Abilene to spend some time with MaeMae, Doc, Uncle Big E, and Aunt Sarah!

We had a great time just hanging out and trying lots of new recipes!  Melissa and John got to stop by for a quick visit.

Mostly, it was just some good quality family time!  We didn't even leave the ranch (except for church on Sunday)!

We were ready to leave Sunday afternoon, when Jeremy realized our keys were locked in the car.  The set of spare keys was at home in the drawer where the extra keys go.  Great place!

Ethan, Jeremy and our neighbor, Charlie tried everything to break into the car.  No luck!  They could hit the lock button multiple times, but the unlock button wouldn't budge.  We finally broke down and called a locksmith.  He was there in no time and had it unlocked.  He let us know that Trailblazers have a special anti- theft feature and the car can't be unlocked (using the button) unless someone is sitting in the front seat.  It has a weight sensor. Good to know!  [You know I got in the backseat and reached over to the front seat and tried to unlock it, so I could be sure.  He was right!]

Despite leaving a few hours later than planned, we had a great time!

 Happy camper on the way home!

Quickly became a not so happy camper!