Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Contagious!

So this is the worst quality video ever. But it's really not about the video, it's more about the sound! I'm always reluctant to watch videos on blogs and facebook, but this is so worth it. You will have to laugh! Turn your volume up (maybe not if you're at work).

I can't think of a better sound!  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Confessions of a New Mom: Part 2

  1. I still gag a little bit each time I change one of these "solid food poopy" diapers.
  2. My silly faces, singing, dancing around- much worse than it was 2 months ago.
  3. I question whether or not EC sitting in her bumbo on the kitchen counter in the mornings and Jeremy and I running around her making breakfast, doing dishes, packing a lunch, getting coffee, feeding the dog, etc. is really quality time with our child.
  4. I have resigned myself to never getting quality sleep again, maybe for the rest of my life.  On the few nights that EC actually sleeps till 6am without a peep, I wake up at least once (more like 3 times) and worry about whether or not she's ok.
  5. I am not looking forward to discipline . . . I see it on the horizon.
  6. Whatever Emme does in public, I feel that it's a reflection of me as a parent.  In all honesty, how can I control a 7 month old baby?  I can't, but I still feel really guilty if she screams or makes noises at an inappropriate time.
  7. Despite feeling an extraordinary amount of relief to be finished breastfeeding, I ever so slightly, like a pinky finger amount, miss it.  Or maybe I just miss quiet time alone with EC.
  8. I have contemplated not telling anyone at work that I have stopped pumping, so that I can go in the closet and have some down time for 20 minutes twice a day.
  9. It really bothers me if EC's socks don't match her outfit, even on days when she if not leaving our house and only sees me, Jeremy, our nanny, and Aunt Sarah.
  10. I adore her more than I ever thought possible!  Everyday I feel so lucky to be a mom to her.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Catalog Incident

It finally happened.  The Little Miss used her crying to express dissatisfaction over not getting her way!  I've suspected that she might be doing that in the past, but I didn't know she was quite capable yet.  No doubts now!

We received a catalog in the mail today and I went into the kitchen to show Jeremy (it was a David Yurman catalog, if you must know!).  EC was sitting in her bumbo on the counter (I know you're not really supposed to put them on the counter, but we keep a watchful eye).  She started reaching for the magazine.  I thought it was funny that at 7 months old, she's already interested in jewels, specifically DY.  We let her look at it and scratch on it.  She loved the sound it was making when she scratched on it.

I started getting dinner ready and Jeremy started looking at his iPad.  Pretty soon, EC had dropped the magazine and she couldn't reach it, so she started a little whine/ cry.  Jeremy picked it up and handed it to her and she was back to playing with it.  Then, we saw her putting it in her mouth.  Well, who knows where that little magazine has been???  Do postal workers wash their hands?  We don't know, but magazines are probably not appropriate for chewing.  So Jeremy took it away from her.

The bottom lip came out and she was in a full on cry!  She did not have gas, she was not sleepy, she was not hungry-- she wanted the DY magazine!  Of course, Jeremy and I start laughing that she's actually crying about this.  We gave her another toy and she was fine.

But wow- I wasn't expecting this so soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Falling Back

I've been seeing the time change on the horizon for a few months now.  While most people are celebrating the extra hour of sleep, I've been worrying about how EC is going to handle this big shift.  I'll be honest- I was worried.

The entire week prior to Daylight Savings, I tried to go ahead and move her schedule by 30 minutes (at least).  She did pretty good- slept till 7ish most days.  And even slept a little longer for a few naps.  The only feeding that did not change at all was the 6:30pm feeding.  I'm not sure if she's a little cranky by that time, but we almost always fed her right at 6:30.

Saturday was a little rough- she did not nap well at all.  She normally takes naps that are at least 2 hours and she was barely napping for an hour.  I was very worried!

Sunday she woke up about 6:15am- not too bad.  She napped great and was right on schedule!  Nothing to worry about!

Monday she did great- right on schedule!

Tuesday was a different story!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 Months!

Typically, when we take these monthly photos, it's nearly impossible to get a smile out of Emme Clare.  She gives me that look- "this is ridiculous" and might give a small little smirk, if anything (see past monthly posts for examples).  Not today.  Today, she was all smiles and big grins! 

If only, we could have turned the camera the other way.  Jeremy and I looked like zombies!  This little pumpkin was up at 4:45 this morning!  So much for the whole "doing great with the time change" thing.  Clearly, it did not affect her good mood!  She was having a ball in her crib at 4:45am. 

This past month has been a delight!  EC has been a complete joy as usual.  As of this past Saturday, she is exclusively drinking formula.  She also has an evening meal.  So far, we have tried avocado, zucchini, pears, sweet potato, pumpkin, rice cereal, carrots, and turkey.  Her least favorite has been turkey.  She seems to really like pears and zucchini.  I think it might have something to do with texture.

Over the weekend, we finally put away all her 3 month clothes.  They were getting just a tad snug.  However, most 6-9 month outfits are too big.  She's kind of in between right now. 

She absolutely loves being in her jumperoo (still can't quite touch the floor, but that's what a big book is for!).  And still loves watching Winnie, but now, she really wants to pet Winnie.  And by "pet," I mean grab a fistful of Winnie's fur and pull really hard.  Winnie is handling it all like a champ, but she's definitely learned.  I see Winnie jerk back anytime EC's hand comes toward her.  Win is in trouble when EC learns to crawl/walk.

EC still doesn't turn over from her back to her tummy and rarely does it from her tummy to back.  She's content to lay on the floor and play with a toy.  She's sitting up really well, but we still need to work on the rolling over. 

Overall, she's doing fantastic.  She's making more and more noises and I love watching the world through her eyes!

Sweet Emmeline-

You are precious!  We are so proud of you and we love spending time with you.  You've been off of your schedule a few times this month and you've taken it all in stride. 

Daddy and I work all day and absolutely love coming home to your precious smile!  You're still a little stingy with your laughs, but that's ok- we like a challenge.  And we sure look silly trying to get you to laugh! 

Your personality is showing more and more.  I think you are going to be a very opinionated little girl!  You aren't shy about letting us know if you don't like something. 

Sometimes it seems like time is just flying by and despite our best efforts to hold on to these moments, they are slipping away.  You woke up so early this morning and mommy and daddy were exhausted.  We did everything to get you back to sleep, but you just wouldn't have it.  Finally, I gave up and sat down with you in the rocking chair and started singing.  You stared into my eyes and listened to me sing.  Eventually, you fell asleep for a few minutes and I stared at you and your little hands, your little eyelashes, your little nose, your little mouth.  And I prayed for you.  Prayed that you will know the love of Christ, that you will be a Godly young woman, that you will know how much you are loved by your parents and your Heavenly Father.  And I thanked God for the miracle that you are.  For letting us have a little piece of this Heaven.  Despite all my tiredness, these are the moments that I love and I wouldn't trade them for the world (or lots of sleep!).

Oh little- I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  You are such a blessing in our life and we adore you!  "Hold to Jesus, because he's holding on to you!" 


Your mommy