Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Catalog Incident

It finally happened.  The Little Miss used her crying to express dissatisfaction over not getting her way!  I've suspected that she might be doing that in the past, but I didn't know she was quite capable yet.  No doubts now!

We received a catalog in the mail today and I went into the kitchen to show Jeremy (it was a David Yurman catalog, if you must know!).  EC was sitting in her bumbo on the counter (I know you're not really supposed to put them on the counter, but we keep a watchful eye).  She started reaching for the magazine.  I thought it was funny that at 7 months old, she's already interested in jewels, specifically DY.  We let her look at it and scratch on it.  She loved the sound it was making when she scratched on it.

I started getting dinner ready and Jeremy started looking at his iPad.  Pretty soon, EC had dropped the magazine and she couldn't reach it, so she started a little whine/ cry.  Jeremy picked it up and handed it to her and she was back to playing with it.  Then, we saw her putting it in her mouth.  Well, who knows where that little magazine has been???  Do postal workers wash their hands?  We don't know, but magazines are probably not appropriate for chewing.  So Jeremy took it away from her.

The bottom lip came out and she was in a full on cry!  She did not have gas, she was not sleepy, she was not hungry-- she wanted the DY magazine!  Of course, Jeremy and I start laughing that she's actually crying about this.  We gave her another toy and she was fine.

But wow- I wasn't expecting this so soon!

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