Friday, November 11, 2011

Confessions of a New Mom: Part 2

  1. I still gag a little bit each time I change one of these "solid food poopy" diapers.
  2. My silly faces, singing, dancing around- much worse than it was 2 months ago.
  3. I question whether or not EC sitting in her bumbo on the kitchen counter in the mornings and Jeremy and I running around her making breakfast, doing dishes, packing a lunch, getting coffee, feeding the dog, etc. is really quality time with our child.
  4. I have resigned myself to never getting quality sleep again, maybe for the rest of my life.  On the few nights that EC actually sleeps till 6am without a peep, I wake up at least once (more like 3 times) and worry about whether or not she's ok.
  5. I am not looking forward to discipline . . . I see it on the horizon.
  6. Whatever Emme does in public, I feel that it's a reflection of me as a parent.  In all honesty, how can I control a 7 month old baby?  I can't, but I still feel really guilty if she screams or makes noises at an inappropriate time.
  7. Despite feeling an extraordinary amount of relief to be finished breastfeeding, I ever so slightly, like a pinky finger amount, miss it.  Or maybe I just miss quiet time alone with EC.
  8. I have contemplated not telling anyone at work that I have stopped pumping, so that I can go in the closet and have some down time for 20 minutes twice a day.
  9. It really bothers me if EC's socks don't match her outfit, even on days when she if not leaving our house and only sees me, Jeremy, our nanny, and Aunt Sarah.
  10. I adore her more than I ever thought possible!  Everyday I feel so lucky to be a mom to her.

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