Sunday, September 28, 2008

Celebrate 28

On Sunday, we were finally able to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. As most of you know, all of our furniture and most of our belongings are still in Nashville. This fact makes it very difficult to set up for any kind of "celebration." That morning, I picked up two pieces of cake, candles, and some paper plates and napkins. I know this birthday celebration is nothing like something I would normally put together, but I am working with very limited resources. Please note- we also only have a mini-fridge, which basically holds our bottled water and diet coke. Not so much room for an entire birthday cake!

Jeremy got some new sweat pants from J Crew and some new Von Zipper sunglasses. Despite the mediocre festivities at our house, I think Jeremy had a wonderful birthday. I'm looking for to the next 28 . . .

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Heart VD!

Since JTW was out of town for the weekend, Amy came down for a long overdue girls weekend (her hubby was also gone on a boys' trip). We kicked Friday night off with some pjs and lots of talking and catching up.

Saturday, we were super lazy and we hung out around the house, took Ivy on a walk and did a little shopping. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Elephant Bar and had an amazing appetizer of sweet potatoes fries. My recipe for baked sweet potatoe fries is delicious, but you can't beat the real fried ones!

Saturday night, we attended the Victory Dolls bout. The Victory Dolls are a roller derby team in OKC and they do tons for the YWCA, including donating all their proceeds from each bout. How generous! Amy and I had never experiences a roller derby bout, so it was all new for us. I can see that I'll probably never play or be a true fan, since when any player went down, I cringed, while the rest of the crowd cheered.

Amy and I cheering on the VD

My co-workers, who were also there to support the team

We had a great time at the game, but unfortunately the Dolls lost! Sunday morning, we were off to a delicious brunch at a French Cafe. As you can see, neither of us is on a diet! Amy started off the weekend a little reluctant to embrace Ivy. BUT, Ivy wore her down and Ivy is now among Am's favorite dogs. That's really not saying a lot since Amy isn't a huge fan of dogs, but Ivy does love Amy!

Amy hearts Ivy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is Jeremy's 28th birthday! Unfortunately, he left yesterday for a conference/ training in Nashville, so he'll be gone all weekend. Luckily, he will get to see his parents and family on Friday night and have a celebration with them!


Monday, September 22, 2008

A friend is a brother, who once was a bother.

Even though, my brother is significantly taller than me, I still think of him as my “little” brother. And no matter how old he actually is or what he accomplishes in life, I will always think of him as younger, like a kid. In reality, he is 24 (almost 25) and he has a fabulous job and is in the process of getting his MBA.

I remember when he was born, I couldn’t wait to wear my pink t-shirt that said- I’m the big sister! It was such a proud moment for me! And if you talk to him about me for very long, I’m sure he will tell you that I took that title very seriously. I’ve always thought it was my job to “guide” him through life. Sometimes, he took that really well, other times, not so much.

Our relationship has definitely had its ups and downs (especially when I was too cool for school in high school), but through it all, my relationship with Ethan has been one of loyalty and strength. There is nothing that I would not do for him and I know he feels exactly the same way about me. Luckily, the addition of Jeremy to our family, has only made us closer!

I am immensely proud of the wonderful, Godly man that he is today. And I’m so happy to let you know that he is getting married!!!
Through the course of the next few months and years, our relationship will change and grow, as a new person becomes a part of our family. It will be wonderful and different all at the same time. Sarah is great and I really look forward to getting to know her and spend family time with her! While in some ways, I am losing Ethan to Sarah, I also see it as an opportunity to have a little sister. Welcome to our family, Sarah!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Berry Baby

Ivy and I headed to the Big D this weekend to hang out with some old friends. We stayed at Melissa’s, which was perfect because Ivy and Melissa’s dog, Bella, had the best time! Bella loves to chase and Ivy loves to be chased- a great combo. On Friday night, Melissa and I ate at iFratelli’s, which has delicious Italian food.

Saturday morning, I went to a baby shower to celebrate Michelle. Her little girl is due in November and I can’t wait to meet her! She got tons of gifts and cute little girl things. As an added bonus, they served Sprinkles cupcakes at the shower and they were fabulous!

Later that day, Melissa and I met up with Amy and we did some Dallas shopping. After all that shopping, it was time for a delicious dinner. We ate at one of my absolute favorites- Pappadeaux! Amy's husband, Rocky, joined Amy, Melissa and me for dinner.

We had such a great weekend, but it was exhausting! Ivy was so tired when we got home, she barely moved. She curled up in her little bed and slept!

Thanks to all our Dallas best friends for taking care of us and hanging out!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures in OK

We set out for Oklahoma on July 31st and I haven’t had a real bed to call my own since leaving Nashville! You might say I was displaced. We decided to leave all of our furniture and most of our personal belongings in Nashville. It’s part of the “staging” process for selling our condo.

Over the past month and a half, we have eaten every meal out, borrowed our friend’s and family’s washer/dryer to do our laundry, and spent more than a few nights at the Waterford Hotel, a couple weeks with my friend, Amanda, and now, we are in our rent house. Last night, was our first night with the bed and mattress that we ordered on August 30th.

Remember how I said we were trying to look at this as an adventure?!?! Well, our lives have been overflowing with adventure!

Top Ten Reasons Oklahoma Has Been An Adventure:

10. We’ve taken trips to Abilene and Tennessee- driving!
9. I have a new haircut that Jeremy calls “different.”
8. I’m on a first name basis with the employees at the Waterford Hotel and most of the furniture sales people in the city.
7. We looked at 50+ houses that were for sale . . . we’re renting.
6. I almost filed a missing persons report with the police.
5. I started my new job!
4. I caught Ivy tangled up in my nude bra and running around Amanda’s house.
3. Jeremy made it through his first month-end close! Yay!
2. I was pulled over by the highway patrol in Texas and in Arkansas—thankfully, no tickets!
1. I spent 22 nights on an air mattress! And that is more than one night too many!

I’m not sure I buy into all this “staging” hype and I’m not sure how much longer I can take the lack of furniture and other belongings. Naturally, I have no recipes or food pictures to post, as I have limited kitchen utensils and cook/ bake ware. But I will keep you updated on the adventures . . .

**WARNING** Lots of pictures below:

Ivy with Amanda's dog- Pearl
Pearl is Ivy's new OK BFF

Ivy w/ Ethan & Sarah (trip to A-town)

Ivy loves her Uncle Ethan

Me with Tabitha (she just left for Ecuador- she will be gone for 2 years!)

My double cousins

Ivy- ready for a road trip

our house

another view of our house

Ivy in the backyard

the living room (nice furniture, huh?)

Jeremy and I at Jessica's wedding (note- the haircut)

Matt, Jessica, Jeremy, and me

Jeremy, me, Alison, and Cody