Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Falling Back

I've been seeing the time change on the horizon for a few months now.  While most people are celebrating the extra hour of sleep, I've been worrying about how EC is going to handle this big shift.  I'll be honest- I was worried.

The entire week prior to Daylight Savings, I tried to go ahead and move her schedule by 30 minutes (at least).  She did pretty good- slept till 7ish most days.  And even slept a little longer for a few naps.  The only feeding that did not change at all was the 6:30pm feeding.  I'm not sure if she's a little cranky by that time, but we almost always fed her right at 6:30.

Saturday was a little rough- she did not nap well at all.  She normally takes naps that are at least 2 hours and she was barely napping for an hour.  I was very worried!

Sunday she woke up about 6:15am- not too bad.  She napped great and was right on schedule!  Nothing to worry about!

Monday she did great- right on schedule!

Tuesday was a different story!

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