Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Self

When I was in high school and then again, just out of college, I was a waitress for a little bit.  Let me just say- that wasn't my calling in life.  A restaurant term frequently used by servers was being in the weeds.  That meant that maybe a server had several big tables, everyone was seated at the same time, the kitchen was backed up, we were out of the special, the bar tender was slow, etc.  Basically, you just can't catch a break.

I think those early days when we brought Emme home was like being in the weeds.  At times, it felt like this never ending sleepless haze where things kept seeming to go a little bit wrong (no sleep, jaundice, nursing issues, mastitis, a/c broken, plumbing issues, no sleep, bacterial infection, the Ivy situation, etc).  Right now (I know this could change at any moment), I feel like I'm out of the weeds.  Things are the definitely not perfect, but they are much better!

I thought I would write a little note to myself, just in case I'm ever in the weeds again.  If you're a new mom, you might enjoy my "fresh out of the weeds" perspective.

Dear Self:

It's going to be okay.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Even though it seems like a big deal right now, next week you are barely going remember this incident.  It's tough when you don't get much sleep.  Take a nap EVERY chance you get . . . like when your baby is sleeping.  I know everyone keeps saying that and you can't seem to stop doing laundry every chance you get, but really- it can wait.  You need sleep.    

Ask for help.  People want to help you, so let them.  And remember, it's going to get better.  It really is.  I know that right now, you can't imagine it getting better, but it will.  Your baby will stop crying, you'll get more sleep and this crisis will be resolved.  

Most importantly, fight like crazy.  Fight like crazy to be in the moment and hang on to each of these days.  It's so easy to muddle through and look forward to that next phase, but don't miss this one.  It goes really fast and you don't want to miss one second.  They are little for such a short time and you won't get these moments back.  Hold her a little bit tighter and tell her one more time that she's the love of your life and your precious gift from God.  You can't say it enough!

It really is going to be okay.  You have a Heavenly Father that's looking out for you and He's not going to give you more than you can handle.  Some days it might seem like, He forgot what you're capable of handling, but He didn't!  

This isn't a competition to see who is the best mom, so stop comparing yourself to other blogging moms.  Focus on you and your baby!  Those blogs are tricky and might not be telling the whole truth!  You're doing the best you can.  And your little is one lucky baby to have you as a mom.

One day, you're going to look back on these days with fondness. 



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