Friday, June 27, 2008

gaud·y - adj. 1. brilliantly or excessively showy 2. ostentatiously fine

The 2nd day of Deborah and Delancy's visit has been very exciting! We decided to do a craft project and we headed to Michael's for supplies. I had already purchased two very large "Ds" for them to "embellish." Luckily, Lisa and I found our letters there on sale for $1. We bought paint, sparkles, ribbons, dazzlers, glue, rhinestones, etc.

We took a small break for lunch, but we spent most of the afternoon working on the craft project. Deborah and Delancy learned a new word- gaudy! I'll let you decide which letter we were describing when we said gaudy!

Here is our beautiful art work:

We have also spent a lot of time with Ivy! She is a little bit confused, because the girls like her, but they also get a little scared of her. Ivy can be very excited! They told me earlier today that Ivy was sitting at the top of our stairs looking down and she would not come down. They decided that she must be scared & sad and Delancy swears that she saw a little tear roll down her face! I'm not sure- I've never seen Ivy cry and there is not much she is afraid of!

We also stopped by an Italian ice and gelato place near Jeremy's office. It was delicious. We tried a little bit of everything- chocolate gelato, vanilla ice, cookies & cream gelato, lemon ice, blackberry gelato, and mint chocolate chip gelato! That was the highlight of our day!

Click here for more pics!

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Eddie said...

Hey Er Bear
So great to be home. the photos would not load while we were away! What about ostentatious???
love mom