Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The First of the Lasts

Billy's surgery went great. The doctor felt really good about it and he said all of the cancer was contained in the prostate, so he shouldn't have to undergo any other cancer treatments. He seemed to be in good spirits when we left the hospital tonight. We are so thankful for all your thoughts and well wishes!

Tonight, was also our last dinner with our small group. We had taken a break in our meetings for the summer, but at our last meeting, we had no idea that we would be moving before our next meeting! Crazy! We got together tonight at a Mexican food restaurant, so we could catch up on the summer's activities and say goodbye.

Saying goodbye is really hard for me, so I pretty much just pretend that I'll see them again soon. Maybe it's denial or maybe it's just coping?!?!

Chris, Gayle, Lisa, Angie, Me, and Jeremy

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