Sunday, October 19, 2008

A diamond is forever.

At the age of 67 and performing for over 40 years, Neil Diamond is a legend! While I can't say that I am a true, devoted Diamond fan, I can say that when the opportunity arose to see Diamond live in concert for free, I couldn't pass that up.

Someone donated over a 100 free tickets to the YWCA, which was a really nice treat for all of our staff. We had a great time and enjoyed singing along to "Sweet Caroline" and "America"- those were the only 2 songs that most of us knew!

We were pretty close in proximity, but unfortunately we were at the back of the stage. So, we pretty much just stared at the back of Neil, the band, and back up singers. But who can complain? The tickets were free.

For someone on the brink of 70, Diamond is a fantastic performer. During the concert, we tried to hypothesize about the "Neil Diamond" of our generation. We were having trouble coming up with anyone. A few suggestions: Justin Timberlake, New Kids on the Block, Britney Spears, John Mayer? Any thoughts???

Mari, Tiffany, me, Jessica, & Karla

Me and JTW

Tiffany & I

our view of the stage- see Neil?!?!

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The Proctors said...

Nice! Those are the only songs I know too, but who cares - it was free and you look super cute! :)