Sunday, November 9, 2008

Celebrating Birthdays!

We headed to Dallas this weekend to celebrate two very important birthdays- both on November 7! First, we celebrated with my BFF, Amy- it was her 28th! Next we celebrated, with little Miss Amelia- it was her first (not her 1st birthday, but her being born day).

Amy, Rocky, Jeremy and I headed to one of our very favorite Mexican food restaurants- Pappasito's. You know how with some of your favorite restaurants, you really build them up and expect the best meal of your life and then, it's pretty good. That's not at all how it is with Pappasito's. It's completely delicious every time- even better than I remembered!

After dinner, we just hung out and Rocky and Amy so kindly allowed us to do a few loads of laundry, so we won't have any laundromat pictures to post this week!

After keeping them up late, Jeremy, Ivy and I headed to our hotel. The hotel was so nice- they gave Ivy a little goodie bag with all kinds of treats and they even brought her own very special bed and water bowl. Ivy did not know what to think about all the attention!

After a delicious brunch at another Dallas favorite, Breadwinner's, we headed to Plano to visit Michelle at the hospital and meet Amelia. Amelia is absolutely precious! She's tiny and smells like a little baby (the good smell!). We didn't stay too long, since Amelia and her mom are in recovery mode, but we will be back for lots more visits when they are home!

If you wondering where I purchased this very cute little name plaque- I ordered it from Amy's Doodle Dandies. They do awesome work- very professional and custom made to your specifications! Give it a try!


Amy Mc said...

I don't know how to send you the pics from the weekend- I am thinking it will overload an email. Do you do snapfish? I can upload them onto my account there. Let me know.

beatlesfreak1978 said...


The Proctors said...

So fun!! Happy Birthday to Amy and Amelia. I suddenly feel the urge to go to Taco Bell. Ha! You look like a natural holding that sweet little girl.

TexasTeacher said...

You look like a natural to me too!!! Happy birthday to Amy and Amelia.