Saturday, April 4, 2009

All Work and No Play!

Every couple years or so, the YWCA hosts a Young Women’s Leadership Summit. This year I was invited to go and really excited! It was held in Fort Worth, Texas, so we took a short (about 30 minutes) flight from OKC to DFW and spent 3 days learning about leadership, advocacy and how we are part of a bigger organization.

We were staying at the place where AA trains their flight attendants. It was the perfect place for a big conference- good meeting rooms and lots of snacks. Karla got to be my roommate for 2 whole nights! She loved it! We slept on little twin beds and the first night, we stayed up chatting for hours, just like college girls in the dorms! We learned our lesson and quickly went to sleep the next night, since we were so tired during the lectures.

It was a really neat experience and I’m really fortunate that I had the opportunity to attend. The first night we got to eat at Joe T. Garcias, which is one of my favorite Mexican food places. It was yum-my!

Erin, Mari, Sami, & Karla- on the bus

Dinner at Joe T Garcias

Me w/ chips & salsa and Karla with DDP (Mari- being silly!)

All of us from YWCA OKC

The next day we toured the National Women’s History Museum- a part of the Smithsonian- in Dallas. They had really neat exhibits from Amelia Earhart to Mary Kay to Hillary Clinton to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. They even had a poster of the YWCA from a long time ago! It was pretty neat.

Me & Karla

Karla took this picture b/c she can't believe I was wearing flats!!!

In front of National Women's History Museum

Me, Karla, Sami and Mari

We borrowed the chef's hat for the night . . .

Sami has a very little head!
Throughout the entire weekend, they called out raffle numbers and people could win prizes. Everyone that went with us was a winner, except for me! I was super disappointed. Karla said I can carry her bag every once in a while! I don’t think that’s the same as being a winner . . .
Karla and her bags!!!

This is my angry face over not being a winner!

We had so much fun, but after 3 days of intense learning, I was really ready to get home and see Ivy, Winnie and Jeremy! I missed them, even Jeremy!

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