Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Arrival of Baby Brinley

I found out that Amy was being induced on Wednesday morning. I was really excited, since we've been anticipating her arrival for several weeks now! But also, it made things a little difficult, because Ethan's wedding is Saturday! I decided your BFF only has her first baby once and your little brother only gets married once.

I left for Dallas on Tuesday night. I figured Wednesday would be a slow day for Am and she would need someone to keep her busy- read some magazines, catch up on celebrity gossip, or maybe even some crossword puzzles if things got desperate.

I got the call about 5:30am that things were moving quickly. I decided I better get up and get ready so I didn't miss anything. When I got to the hospital, they told me that it wasn't a good time for visitors, so I waited in the lobby for about 30 minutes when I got the call from Rocky.

Little Miss Brinley Jane arrived at 7:27 am, weighing in at 8 lbs., 8 ounces!

She was absolutely precious! Really- a very beautiful baby. I only got to hold her for brief moment before they took her to get cleaned up and measured and all that fun stuff. I helped her mama get to her cozy, big room and at the first chance, her daddy and I snuck a peak in the hospital nursery.

Ok, this bow might be a little too big for right now. But her mom has already said- Brinley is going to be bow head! And I'm perfectly okay indulging her!!!

This bow is just right!!! Wonder who gave her this one!?!?

Instead of reading magazines and girl talk, I was the photog for the day. I got to take lots of family photos and greet Brinley's steadily growing fan club. You can see lots more pictures on Am's blog.

I know Am is going to be a little mad about this pic, because she said that she didn't want any pictures of her that day. But I love it- she's so happy- already a glowing mom!

And here is me and Brinley Jane. I'm her Auntie Erin and my number one job is spoiling her. She already has tons of clothes and bows from me!

I can hardly believe that Amy and Rocky are parents. I mean, I have had 9 months to get used to the idea, but sometimes, it takes a second to really sink in. I know they are going to be fabulous parents and I can't wait to see Brinley grow up! I'm looking forward to lots more pictures like these!

Here is Brinley with her Uncie J (I cheated a little bit, because this is from our trip back to OKC after the wedding).

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Amy Mc said...

Thanks for this great post er! i am not mad about the pic of me- hey, i had been through alot that day and it does show how happy i really was. thanks for being my paparazzi!