Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Wedding Story

I feel like it was just the other day that I was blogging about Ethan's engagement and how I couldn't believe he was growing up!

Now, it's already time for him to get married. I left Dallas on Wednesday night and drove on to Corsicana, so I could help my mom with last minute rehearsal dinner tasks.

I have lots of rehearsal dinner pictures, since I was mostly involved with that!

The rehearsal dinner location was a little bit . . . unusual! It had tons of different stuffed or preserved or mounted animals all over the place. It was crazy- everywhere you look- you saw a different animal or bird or snake or something. Just a tad bit creepy.

Since the room by itself had such a personality and made such a statement, we decided to decorate with black and white and primary colors. The centerpieces and table decorations are DIY. Pretty inexpensive and a great idea of you are in need of some decorations.

Jeremy with one of the room's residents

The tables have large tin buckets with colored lollipops and black and white lollipops (all available online). The buckets were filled in with orange sours, but you could use any round candy. We also wrapped animal crackers (the kind in the box) in red and zebra paper. Tall cylinder vases were filled with m&m's. The plates and table linens were all black and white! I think it turned out super cute!

Me and my mom

Tabitha came in all the way from Ecuador- we were so happy to see her!

The groomsmen

Me and J with the groom to be

Sarah, Ethan, me & J

Do these cupcake pops look familiar??? My family helped Sarah with her wedding favors and we made about 200 cupcake pops! You might not know my family well, but they transformed themselves into a well-oiled cupcake pop machine. Everyone had a specific job and we cranked those pops out! And we had a few laughs along the way!

Sarah chose a lovely historic home for the wedding location. It was absolutely perfect! The flowers were beautiful and the home was idyllic!

Sarah was absolutely gorgeous- her dress was simple, but very classy! She was definitely a blushing bride!!!

Our family of 5, about to become 6!

Like father, like son

All those favors!

Caught! Looking out the window at the arriving guests

Just the four of us!

Our family of 6

Ida also went to BU, so we had to do a sic 'em pic!

Jeremy hearts cupcake pops!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ethan and Sarah!!!

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