Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cruise Story, Part 1: All for fun and fun for all!

We boarded our Carnival Fun Ship in Galveston, Texas on June 21st.

We were so ready for a little R&R!!! As soon as we stepped onto the ship, we put the long lines, a little suitcase incident, the Texas heat, work, emails, and cell phones behind us. It was smooth sailing from here on out!

Immediately upon entering the ship, we were offered a cute little drink- you know the ones with the pineapple and cherry with the umbrella. Who could resist that?!?! It was the “Fun Drink!” Then, the guy asked us to sign our room number for these cute little pricey drinks.

Next, we were approached to sign up for our Fun Fountain Card. We needed that to get sodas or juice while we were on the ship. Only one drink per person and you had to pay a flat rate for the whole week.

We were starting to see that FUN meant $$$$!!! But that’s okay, just know that before you go. We were a little annoyed at times, but determined not to let that ruin our “all inclusive” vacation cruise!

The first few days, we were at sea. We laid out by the pool, read some books (I read 6 total on the trip, Jeremy 1 ½), worked out, took naps, ate, ate and ate some more. It was so weird not having our cell phones or checking on emails. But it was NICE!

I'll just go ahead and insert my disclaimer here. Unfortunately, when 2 people go on a cruise, most of the pictures are of the 2 of them and water. We do have the occasional picture when we tracked down a fellow cruise passenger and begged them to take our picture. But most are done by us. Feel free to scroll quickly through all of the standard pics!

This was a pic on the self-timer!

On one of our nights at sea, we chose the option of upgrading to the fancy restaurant. We had fillet and lobster. It was delicious!

Then, we had this chocolate assortment for dessert. Yum!!!

Our cruise was off to a great start as we headed for Jamaica!!!

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