Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cruise Story, Part 2: Hot, hot, hot!

The beautiful Jamaica was our first stop. Our excursion was to the Dunn’s River Falls. We took about a 2 hour bus ride to Ocho Rios. We saw lots of different areas in Jamaica.

Some say the Dunn's River Falls are the 8th world wonder. I'm not sure, but you can see what you think from our pictures!

It was sad to see so much poverty there. A lot of the homes were just pieced together with scraps- our tour guide told us that many of the little “houses” don’t have water or electricity.

It was hard to think about our cruise ship and the vast quantity of food that is prepared and thrown away each day. There was a very clear line or literally, barrier wall, between the fancy, extravagant resorts and the true countryside of Jamaica. I wasn’t able to take many pictures, since I left my digital camera on the ship and only had the disposable water camera.

We stopped along the way at a little roadside store for some jerk chicken and it was amazing!!! Far better than anything we ate aboard our ship.

The falls were very pretty. Overall, it was a little too crowded, but I’m glad we did it. A guide helped us navigate the steep, slippery rocks. Another guide went with us to video tape everything. He told us in Jamaica they say everything three times. How are you? Good, good, good! And when the camera was on us, we said hot, hot, hot!

At times, the water was a little cool.

You can see the crowds of people behind us and there were just as many in front!

These pictures show how steep and slippery the rocks were. It was hard not to fall at times. All of the tourists wore water shoes, but the guides were all barefoot.

After completing the falls, it was time to get back on our ship.

We took a few more pictures of Jamaica from our balcony.

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