Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My friend, Mandy, was in Dallas for a few days, so Emmeline and I headed over to their hotel.  We couldn't wait to meet Miss Adelyn, see Grayson again, and catch up with Mandy.  Emme is exactly one week older than Addy, but if they had both been born on their due dates, Addy would have been born on the 20th and Emme on the 21st. 

Ironically enough, their hotel was right next to the restaurant and dueling piano bar that we went to for my bachelorette party about 4 years ago.  My how things have changed!

Miss Adelyn is a cutie!

Addy: Why is your mom shining that big light in our face?
Emme: I don't know- she does it to me all the time. 

 Addy: By the way, did you realize that you're not wearing a shirt?
Emme: I don't want to talk about it- I'm embarrassed.

 Addy:  She's still snapping away.
Emme: Give her a smile and then, she'll stop!

 Addy: My eyes are hurting from all the flashes of light.
Emme: Try to pretend you're having fun.

 Addy:  Seriously?!?!
Emme:  I'm sure she's about to stop.

Addy: What's that thing on your head?
Emme: I'm DONE!

Big Brother Grayson

Such a great time catching up and seeing little Adelyn and Grayson.  Although Addy and Emme were side by side, I'm pretty sure they didn't really acknowledge each other's presence.  Ha!  I know it will be a very different story the next time we see them! 

Thanks for hanging out with us, Proctor Family!   

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