Thursday, June 23, 2011

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A SMILE!

This little cutie had a rough evening!  We are really not sure what went wrong, but it was unpleasant to say the least.  We are trying to be grateful that these nights are few and far between.  For the most part, she's an excellent baby!

I fed her around 7:30 and she stayed awake for a little bit.  We tried putting her down around 8:45 because she was a little fussy.  She would sleep for about 10 minutes and then wake up crying or fussy.  We rocked her, patted her belly, sang to her, played music, bounced her, etc.  She would fall asleep for a few minutes and then, crying again.  We finally stopped trying to put her down around 9:30.  She was smiling and cooing and loving spending time with her daddy. 

She started getting fussy again around 10:00, so I decided to feed her.  By the time we got her diaper changed, she was real deal screaming crying.  Then, she absolutely refused to nurse- it made her even more mad when I tried.  I tried comforting her while Jeremy heated up a bottle.

She was inconsolable!  We tried the bottle and she would not take it- more screaming.  We bounced her around, walked with her- she was only happy if we held her sideways and walked around.  No sitting!  We made a call to MaeMae and Doc and they offered a few suggestions.  Jeremy headed to the store to buy some baby Gas-X.  We gave her that and she was still crying.  She would fall asleep in our arms for 3 minutes and then, wake up screaming.

We finally tried putting her in her swing and she calmed down a little bit and took the bottle.  When she was finished, right back to crying.  I changed her diaper and she just stopped crying and was back to her normal, happy self.  I swaddled her and put her to bed (about midnight at this point).  She slept till 5:30am and woke up happy!

We love seeing her smile!  It's so hard to hear your baby crying when you can't do anything about it!  I know it's part of life- babies, kids, people cry and sometimes, nothing can make it better.  But it doesn't stop us from trying!  

***I first tried taking the picture of her on her belly with her pink bow.  It didn't work out so well.  Not sure if the bow was weighing her down or if her hand was too delicious!


Kristi D. said...

Hi Erin,
Not sure if you remember me...I'm Kristi (Tabitha's friend from way back) and we met a long time ago. Congrats on your baby girl! Something to check into...sounds like she has colic (our son who is 13 months now had colic really bad when he was little) Gas-x never worked for him...this is what we used /use and it works wonders! Gripe water....we use the brand Mommy's bliss b/c it doesn't have to be refrigerated. You can find Gripe water at Walgreens/drug emporium...etc...Check it out :) Congrats again!

Kristi D.

ERIN said...

Hi Kristi! SO great to hear from you! Thanks for the tip! She seems to be better as of late, but I might go ahead and get some gripe water to have on hand . . . just in case.

Congrats on your baby as well!