Saturday, October 8, 2011

6 Months!

Wow!  Can not believe this little cutie is already 6 months old!  Time flies when you're having fun!  This month has been so much fun!

EC is so generous with her smiles, but a little bit stingy with the laughs.  It takes quite a bit to get her to laugh.  But when she does laugh, really laugh, it's the best sound I've ever heard.

Two big changes in terms of Emme Clare's sleeping- swaddling with one arm out and dropping her 10pm feeding.  We've been trying off and on to stop the swaddling, but it hasn't turned out all that well.  She's doing pretty good with the one arm out, so hopefully, we are a little bit away from stopping it completely.  Last night was our first night without the 10pm feeding and she did great!  I was SO nervous.  I just knew she was going to wake up screaming at 3am.  But, I was starting to feel like waking her up was more disruptive than helpful.  She would cry from the moment we woke her up and throughout the feeding and even while we changed her diaper and put her back to sleep.  I think it will be helpful overall (for both of us!).

She is making so many more facial expressions and really seems to be noticing things.  She loves Winnie now and if Win is in the room, Emme can't take her eyes off of her.  She smiles at her all the time.  Win is a little bit indifferent to EC and mostly, just wants attention from Jeremy and me.

For the most part, Emme is wearing size 6 month, but she can still snugly wear 3-6 month sizes.  A few of the 6M size are a little big.  She is changing so much- each week seems to bring new experiences and phases.  EC's Aunt Sarah has been helping her sit up and she's so, so close to being able to do it.

She still hasn't rolled over from her back to her tummy.  Overall, she's doing really well.  She weights about 15 pounds, 8 ounces.  Her doctor appointment is next week.

Sweet Emmeline-

You bring us so much joy!  We love spending time with you and we are trying so hard to enjoy every minute of this stage.  We know you won't be this little for long.  You are so sweet and a delight to watch.  We love seeing you notice new things.

You grab our faces all the time now and we love laughing with you and singing you songs and reading you books.  You make all kinds of silly noises and screams.  We can't wait to have conversations with you.

You are one amazing little and we could not ask for a better baby!  I absolutely adore you.

Always know that you are important and special.  You are such a precious baby girl and we love you!


Your mommy

*As a side note- I tried to change it up for these 6 month pics.  I tried out a cute little hat, instead of the usual big bow.  Let's just say- it didn't go that well.  EC was not a fan.  I'll let the pics speak for themselves . . .

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